Have fun this summer with a weeklong introduction to Shakespeare, culminating with a performance of a short, fun, adaptive version for kids of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet on June 27 for family and friends.

In addition to the background on Shakespeare and the play, they will work on: stage presence and posture, voice projection and diction, expression and delivery of lines, basic stage directions, character development, and other aspects that go into making a production. This is being presented by SALINE AREA PLAYERS under the direction of Catherine Rogers.

Catherine Rogers has loved drama since she was very young. She grew up creating plays and coercing siblings and friends into parts. Her degree is in Music Education with a vocal concentration. She has been a part of plays and dramatic events (like the Boar's Head Festival in Williamsburg) throughout high school, college, and as a public school elementary music teacher.

As a homeschooling parent and teacher, she taught drama for nine years and directed music for high school musicals for the last three years. Her middle school theater class, which she created for a local homeschool group, studied a Shakespeare play each year and then staged her own hour-long adaptation. She is currently a K-12 music teacher, as well as the music director for a high school musical. Catherine sings with the U of M Choral Union.

Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is a story about two families who totally hate each other, even though no one seems to remember why. There are gang fights in the streets, duels to the death, and plenty of anger and conflict to go around. Romeo is from the family called Montague, and Juliet is a Capulet. They meet when Romeo sneaks into enemy territory in disguise.

Later, Romeo climbs a wall, risking his life to tell Juliet that he loves her. They are married secretly by Friar Lawrence, who hopes that their marriage will end the war between the two families. But fate is against them: a letter is lost and Romeo hears a lie that leads to tragedy. Can any good come out of it all?
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Limited to 17 participants. Pre-registration required.

Registration must be received by June 1

To register and hold your spot, send an email to president@salineareaplayers.org

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