Saline Area Players is preparing to choose productions for the 2019-20 season and is accepting proposals from potential directors. The production could possibly be at Liberty School which offers a small but traditional stage that is ideal for one set with no ability to fly pieces. Seating is about 200. The scene shop is off site. Another option is The 5th Corner which can seat 120 and has a very small stage ideal for minimal set pieces/staging and very small cast. A third option is Saline Middle School auditorium that can seat over 500, has a large stage with satellites on either side, but does not have any flying options. Each production would run for one weekend: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/possibly Sunday: depending on venue availability.

SAP is open to established or original works, straight or small musical. We are open to all formats: dramatic or comedic. NOTE: Often more women than men typically audition. We welcome scripts that can include young actors as well. Directors receive a small stipend except for the RENTSCHULER FARM SHOW where no fees are collected or stipend paid. All directors interested in proposing a show should complete an application which includes a summary of the production, information about rights (if possible, access to script), vision of director, and resume.

More than one idea may be submitted. All applications should be completed by April 27th to be considered for the 2019-20 season. Please send submissions or inquiries to:

RENTSCHLER FARM DAYS SHOW: Sunday Oct 6th in the Rentschler Farm barn. This does not have a stipend and is a show we do for free in conjunction with Farm Days. Show length should be 20-30 minutes and be in the free domain with a very small cast with some kids and possibly some adults. Rehearsals kept to about 4, a dress rehearsal on Saturday, and performances on Sunday usually at 1pm and 3pm. The theme should be appropriate for 1800's-1900's. Looking for a script/show that should be ideal for the novice actor with little to no theater experience. Everyone is responsible for their own costume and the set is the barn so minimal pieces should be called for. Expect about 30-40 at a performance. [We do have some potential material that could be used if interested in directing but you do not have a script idea.]

HOLIDAY SHOW: This show is done in conjunction with Saline's Christmas Celebration. Performances are at The Fifth Corner with shows on: Thursday DEC 5/Friday DEC 6 at 7:30pm; Saturday DEC 7/Sunday DEC 8 at 3pm. Looking to repeat a past show: A FAIRYTALE CHRISTMAS (based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol that features fairytale characters.) We will also accept other submissions but prefer a show that has roles for many children with a cast of about 25. There are stipends for some production staff.

2020 SPRING MUSICAL: Looking to perform at the Saline Middle School auditorium, potentially in late March or April depending on venue availability. Auditions would be in January. Optimally we would like a production that could feature many children along with adults and a show that has not been performed recently in our area. There are stipends for some production staff.

Download Director Application Form