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Music by George Stiles and Lyrics by Anthony Drewe
Artistic Direction by Elizabeth Champion
Musical Direction by Robert Cindric
Co-producers are Teresa Gregor and Sara Honsowetz

Friday, March 13 at 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 14 at 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 15 at 2:00 PM

Ellen A Ewing Performing Arts Center
Saline High School
1300 Campus Parkway, Saline, MI 48176


Price: $15 for adults & $12 for seniors 65+ and students through high school.
Seating: General admission.
Order online: Click here to order tickets using credit card.
Reserve "will call" tickets via email: Email honk@salineareaplayers.org. Indicate the night you would like to come and the number of adult and S/S tickets desired. This email may also be used for any questions.
Buy in person: Visit Maureen's Designs, 101 South Ann Arbor Street, Saline
At the door: Buy tickets at the door with cash or check.
Questions/"will call" by phone: Call 734-429-1480
Special Needs: The venue is accessible but patrons are asked to call ahead if they have special seating needs.

Honk! is an award-winning musical based on Hans Christian Anderson's "The Ugly Duckling," packed with wit and good family fun. Parents Drake and Ida are surprised that their new brood contains an ugly chick nothing like his siblings, who makes a strange honk sound instead of the expected quack! Ida loves her son despite his appearance and the ridiculing of the other farmyard fowl. This ridiculing drives Ugly into the eager arms of the Tom Cat, who tries to eat him. Ugly escapes by the skin of his teeth, but with night falling he becomes lost. Ida organizes a search from home and Ugly meets other interesting animal characters and various dangers as he tries to journey back to the farm and rejoin his mother. His adventures include falling in love with the beautiful swan Penny and continually having to evade the plans of Tom Cat who refuses to give up the thought of lunch. The show is suitable for kids through adults and is a wonderful and magical theater experience for the whole family.

Ugly.....Alex Jasman
Ida.....Patti Ringe
Cat.....Andy Farnsworth
Drake.....Rich Hamann
Maureen/Queenie.....Kathleen Syverud
Greylag/Bullfrog.....Gilbert Warila
Henrietta/Lowbutt.....Kelly Wade
Grace/Old Woman.....Madeline Gregor
Penny.....Adelaide Gregor
Dot/Mother Swan.....Christine Eccleston
Beaky.....Jordan Haerick
Fluff.....Tess Carichner
Billy.....Tommy Hamann
Downy.....Everett Warila
Jay Bird.....John Harrell
Floor Manager/Girl.....Maurita Gregor
Camerabird/Boy.....Drew Eccleston
Turkey/Father Swan/ Farmer.....Justin Czupinski
Bewick.....John Paul Gregor

   Military Goose Squadron
Barnacles.....Katie Holmes
Snowy.....Cordelia Leon
Pinkfoot.....Benedict Gregor
Additional Goose: John Paul Gregor

   Froglets, Fish & Farmyard Birds
Harper-Jane Adkins
Susanna Davis
Grace Dillon
Drew Eccleston
Benedict Gregor
Maurita Gregor
Sarah Hamann
Katie Holmes
Adair Jost
Giselle Jost
John Paul Gregor
Marie Laurio
Cordelia Leon
Christina Ozminkowski


Photos by Aaron C. Wade....Lion's Paw Photography.

Look at him, look at us. See the difference!

I'm having you for lunch

A Family photo: L-R Fluff, Downy, Billy Beaky, Drake & Ida

You must try to remember, it's what's inside that matters, not what we look like

We won't be gone for long. What harm can it do?

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Saturday, March 14 (2PM) Student/Senior Tickets

Saturday, March 14 (7PM) Adult Tickets

Saturday, March 14 (7PM) Student/Senior Tickets

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Sunday, March 15 (2PM) Student/Senior Tickets